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I'm Norman J. Dotson Jr. the Editorial Director/Head Honcho/Jack of all Trades for Ten20 Magazine. I hope the stories we tell here gives life to a piece of American Culture centered around the South.

Take A Look: 25th Essence Festival

From Queens and Kings of music to legends to our Forever First Lady, Essence was truly a star-studded affair! Here some of the sights and sounds from festival’s silver anniversary:

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New Orleans Legend, ‘Queen of Creole Cuisine’, Leah Chase dies at 96

Legend. Icon. Activist. Pioneer and real life Disney princess, these are just a few accolades New Orleans legend Leah Chase has acquired throughout her seven-decade long career.

The chef and civil rights icon passed away Saturday surrounded by her family and loved ones according to a written statement released this morning.

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Producer Louis Futon’s debut album is beautiful concoction of styles and accompanying vocals.

Ever listened to an album and get so caught up in the sound that you feel as though you are in outer body experience?

Well this is the feeling we had listening to Louis Futon’s “Way Back When” album. The trip was a kin to a midday drive to the beach on sunny day in June. A cool summer breeze flits through window perfectly balancing out the golden rays of the sun on your skin.



‘Black-ish’ star producing debut brings a different flavor to a classic movie trope

Well this movie is pretty big to be called “Little” as it not only stars but is Marsai Martin’s producing debut making her the youngest executive producer in Hollywood history, and she does not disappoint.


Breaking: Rolling Stones cancel Jazz Fest appearance

Rock legends, The Rolling Stones, will not be performing at this year’s Jazz Festival.

Announced this morning by event organizers via social media, due to a postponement of their “No Filter” tour the group will he unable to make their May 2 New Orleans appearance.

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From couches to billboards

Why Pink Sweat$ is the artist you can not deny

The singer/songwriter from Philly, now based in New York, had no real aspirations of becoming a singer being that he started recording himself last year and admitting that the songs on his “Volume 1” record were meant for other artists, it’s a shocker that he has this much success and buzz in such a short time.

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Solange “When I get home”…we just are not worthy

Solange shows that she is a true “Soul Angel” breathing a little life into our lives.

We have been given new life with the release of Solange’s masterpiece, When I Get Home, which was made available digitally around midnight. The anticipation for this album has been building every since she teased its release by Continue reading Solange “When I get home”…we just are not worthy

Let’s have the Talk

“One monkey don’t run no show…”

Photo by: DeAndra Edwards, ig @heybirde

Ten20 is a dream I had one day in a slump of despair and anger….I know not the prettiest of beginnings but there is a story behind it. I had been back home in Dallas for some time searching for a job that would recognize my skill and -if I must say so myself- genius as a writer. However, after literally trying any and everything I could to get my work seen by the right people…I was overlooked.

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